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Braces Treatment

Braces is an treatment to align your crowded teeth, improves overall face profile of the patient.It also helps to maintain oral hygiene as crowded tooth hampers oral .

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Laser Dental Treatment

Dental Lasers are of two types soft tissue lasers and hard tissue.
1) Tooth Decay
2) Tooth whitening
3) Gum Disease

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Root Canal

A root canal is a treatment to save your infected tooth.The procedure includes removal of infection from tooth root and sealing it with an inert material(Gutta Percha).

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Dental Implant

Dental implants simulates tooth root. It is surgically placed into the jawbone, that allows to support a prosthesis such as crown, bridge , denture.

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We are always carefull to our patient and service

This state of the art dental studio has a unique combination of a relaxing ambience along with use of cutting edge equipment and internationally acclaimed dental materials. The atmosphere is unlike regular expected dental clinics. We follow excellent protocol for infection control and hygiene and are associated with the best laboratories in the country. We are extremely proud of our pleasant, friendly and well trained staff going out of the way to make patients feel at home and deliver personalized dental care ranging from simple prophylaxis to a complete smile make-over!!

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Automated dental chairs imported and assembled in Germany -for optimum comfort and efficiency RVG: digital dental x ray software- less time consuming and reduced exposure to radiations

We offer lot of service in a best price

Autoclave for sterilization with the latest technology in an isolated area Disposable products to maintain high levels of patient hygiene Top of the line instruments and dental materials - only best in the world.

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