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Dental implants simulates tooth root. It is surgically placed into the jawbone, that allows to support a prosthesis such as crown, bridge , denture.Keeping the 3 most important factors of form, function and aesthetics in mind, dental implants are the ideal solution for replacement of natural teeth. Whether you need to replace few or all of your teeth, you will notice a few striking benefits:The ability to bite into and chew foods just like natural teeth is regained. You can enjoy your favorite foods such as meats and nuts, as if you were using healthy, natural teeth. Instantly reverses age. With missing teeth, the face has a sunken appearance and a person looks much older than he or she actually is. With dental implants, this is reversed immediately and a well balanced, natural and radiant smile is gained. This process alone would make one look at least 20 years younger!

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How does dental implant work..

Oral implant integrates with the jaw bone. They provide an stable support to tooth crown, also helps to preserve your bone , which would otherwise resorb.Full mouth rehabilitation with implants can be done by placing 6 to 8 implants in upper arch and lower arch. This is done when an edentulous patient(No teeth at all) requires fixed teeth.


We believe that implants are not just about replacing teeth. They are about replacing them with ones that look absolutely stunning! This requires a perfect blend of an artistic mind with surgical genius. Therefore, all implant cases at Dentzz are performed by a team comprising of aesthetic dentists and implantologists. Each has acquired mastery in his/her respective fields and this combination brings about results that are absolutely stunning and undoubtedly unmatched.


There are implants made of bioceramic zirconia. These can be used in extremely rare cases of titanium allergy or in cases where people do not prefer metal implants.


This Swiss based system breaks through the limitations of conventional implant systems and allows placement of implants even where minimal bone is present. With this system, no person can be refused implants on grounds of insufficient bone. Using this, we have provided permanent teeth to many people who have previously been rejected by others.